Patriarchy? Wait…what?

I’ve been told the patriarchy is actually a thing.  Bologna.  “Patriarchy” is the simple-minded polemic used to assign false causation to complex social phenomena, championed by gender war partisans.  What ever its utility to feminism, the concept of patriarchy is used to denigrate men and manhood.  The argument is that there is something fundamentally wrong with men and masculinity. 

I like men. I take that back.  I love men. I like being with them.  I like the way they smell.  I like that they are direct; honest; and brave and self-sacrificing.  I like that men attempt the impossible, and that even in failure, they are glorious.  I like men because they rescue people from burning buildings.  I like men for their bravado and expressions of risk – sometimes with devastating results.  At least they try.  Even in defeat, I am inspired by the attempt.

These pages are a celebration of manhood.  I shall write of my exploits with members of “the patriarchy,” in a sort of kiss and tell prose style.  I hope you will join me in celebrating men and masculinity.